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    The mute of Gallura, an all-Sardinian western

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    (ANSA) – TURIN, 01 DEC – IL MUTO DI GALLURA by Matteo Fresi starring Andrea Arcangeli, the only Italian film in competition at the 39th edition of the Torino Film Festival, is a strange work, a sort of western, inspired by a story vera, and set among the extraordinary mountains and woods of Gallura where, between 1849 and 1856, a ferocious feud took place between the Mamia, Pileri and Vasa families. A feud that caused the death of over seventy people. Aesthetically very accurate, the film, distributed by Fandango, stages this archaic culture of mid-nineteenth-century Sardinia full of elegance and rituals and completely far from mainland Italy, a sort of frontier land where the roots are strong with tradition and nature is truly beautiful. The protagonist Bastiano Tansu (Andrea Arcangeli), known as the Mute, is however a character touched by a fate so adverse as to be frightening, to evoke something demonic.

    So it is quite normal that Tansu, deaf-mute from birth and therefore mistreated and marginalized, saw a rage build up within him, a rancor that together with his prodigious aim became determined for the fate of the bloody feud. The director explains today in Turin: “The Muto di Gallura tells the specific weight of an archaic and suspended world, an archetypal theater of human tribulations”. (HANDLE).

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    Source From: Ansa

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