Cartoons on the Bay: Made in Italy shines with Rai Ragazzi

From “Gli Acchiappagiochi”, a new animated series by Studio Bozzetto, to “Nina & Olga”, which comes to life from Nicoletta Costa creations. From Pinocchio & Friends to by Iginio Straffi to Halloweird, the first fantasy series for children. There are 12 Rai Ragazzi titles in competition at Cartoons on The Bay and as many are included in the International Panorama selection. Luca Milano, director of Rai Ragazzi tells them to ANSA, who underlines how the festival of cross-media animation and children’s TV (promoted by Rai and organized by Rai Com in collaboration with RaiPlay) celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. “We can think – he says – that the children who watched TV at the time and grew up with our cartoons are the parents of the new generation that now sees our Rai Yoyo, Rai Gulp and RaiPlay. 25 years of attention to animation products. television, not just cinematic “. Milan explains how you are happy to return to this festival, proudly bringing so many Made in Italy titles and paying a great tribute to the animation of our country: “Compared to many other countries (including large ones), the Italian cartoon sector has managed to continue to working producing high quality titles even in a difficult context. This is also a pleasure for us because we can offer children and young people who are also forced by the situation to spend more time at home with new and important content instead of just reruns. Also because now they need content that will help them overcome the difficulties of recent years, to have self-confidence and not get depressed “. Coming to the titles, Milan points out the beautiful series created by Studio Bozzetto “Gli Acchiappagiochi”: “A very important title – he says – also because the protagonists have to go and save the old street and group games and in this way they propose and tell them In addition, “Pinocchio & Friends”, the new awaited work by Iginio Straffi, which reinterprets the classic by Carlo Collodi, is also debuting these days, also in the light of important values ​​for the very young generations such as sharing and inclusion. Finally, it is very important to us because the high quality series “Nina & Olga” takes, after Giulio Coniglio, from the creations of Nicoletta Costa “. Not of Italian production but “followed for some time” by Rai also the series The Smurfs: “They have always been on competing networks and now they land on Rai in 3D version”. For older children there is the French co-production “Me at your age”: After all – says Milan – the College has already made us discover how much children like to find out what happens to their parents or grandparents when they were the same age. It can also be beautiful to share precisely in the vision with parents, siblings and older people. “Finally, there is also the first Italian fantasy series for children:” It’s called “Halloweird” and tells about the redemption of a group of “marginalized children. “of the school, those branded as” losers “or” losers “by bullies” says Milan, promising that next year there will also be something of Mystery in the new productions. And finally the environment and its protection told by “AcquaTeam – Missione Mare “and the animation special” Mila “written and directed by Cinzia Angelini that talks about the bombings that hit Trento in 1943:” A story that speaks of peace and recovery selected in 106 festivals and events, and which has already won 42 awards and is also considered for the Oscars “. These Rai Ragazzi titles in COMPETITION at Cartoons on The Bay:” Gli Acchiappagiochi “(Italy, 2021)” Pinocchio & Friends “(Italy, 2021)” Pip and Posy “(UK, 2021) “Smurfs” (Belgium, 2021) “Nina & Olg to “(Italy, 2021)” The Enchanted Village of Pinocchio “(Italy, 2021)” Me at your age “(Italy, France, 2021)” Animal House “(Italy, 2021)” POV. The first years “(Italy, 2021)” Marta & Eva “(Italy, 2021)” AcquaTeam – Missione Mare “(Italy, 2021)” Mila “by Cinzia Angelini These titles by Rai Ragazzi in the PANORAMA SECTION at Cartoons on The Bay: “Artoonic” “Summer & Todd The Merry Farm” “Nefertina sul Nile” “Gigantosaurus” “Halloweird” “My Life in Versailles” “Zog and the flying doctors” “Lorenzo’s mirror” “Francesco “


Source From: Ansa

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