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De André and Riva find themselves on stage with Buffa

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(ANSA) – CAGLIARI, 02 DEC – A white T-shirt with red and blue edges. Above a guitar. Both at the center of the stage for the grand finale of Fragile Friends, the show by Federico Buffa, sports reporter and storyteller on TV and in the theater, staged in a national premiere at the Teatro Massimo in Cagliari after the preview at the Verdi di Sassari. T-shirt (from Cagliari) and guitar (from Prayer in January) are the two gifts that Gigi Riva and Fabrizio De André exchanged in the first and only meeting between scorer and songwriter. It was September 14, 1969, a few hours after Sampdoria-Cagliari, which ended zero to zero. Riva began his journey towards the Scudetto. De André was already a successful songwriter, also popular with La song di Marinella. Famous, but shy. The footballer wants to get to know the artist perhaps because he feels that there is a lot in common between them. And why he thinks Prayer in January is the best friendship song ever written.

The address and the appointment were a gift from a former Riva teammate, Giuseppe Ferrero, who had just moved to Genoa after a season in Sardinia. Location: third floor of Corso Italia 6, De André’s house. On stage a table, a bottle of whiskey, two glasses and two chairs. With Buffa who tells.

What did they say. And what they didn’t say. Spontaneous and natural silence, as the narrator calls them. And the story of that evening takes paths that lead far away, but which sometimes come closer or even cross each other. Rossoblù are the colors of Cagliari and Genoa, De André’s favorite team. And rossoblù are even the Muratti that Riva smokes. There is the imprisonment in quotation marks of the college of Viggiù for Riva (with two escape attempts). And there is the one without quotes by De André in the Supramonte. But there is also war: both were born and raised during the Second World War. And there is also a part of the story that expands and also involves Liliana Segre, who, just a step away from Riva’s Leggiuno, found herself in prison and deportation. Two hours full of words and music directed by Marco Caronna. (HANDLE).

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Source From: Ansa

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