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Ndg, a return to life with ‘Let’s run away’

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A “return to life, a restart, through the story of a love that is born, full of positivity and energy, which we all need especially in this period”. This is how Nicolò di Girolamo aka NDG describes to ANSA his new single, “Scappiamo Via”, just arrived on Spotify with Sugar Music and presented in a live release party in Rome (“it was a great emotion to be able to return to perform for an audience”) .
A return for the Roman rapper, born in 2000, who two years ago highlighted himself with a hit like Panamera, capable of reaching over 20 million plays on Spotify. “It was a journey from zero to 100, I was still in high school, my previous song had done 50,000 streams … Panamera changed my life, it went viral almost immediately, with a million plays a week, brought me the gold record. It was maybe even bigger than me at that moment but it gave me a strong push, made me grow a lot and allowed me to sign my first contract with Sugar Music ” . The label of Caterina Caselli “helped me a lot from the very first moment. It’s a great team behind me, I feel honored to be part of a hotbed of talents like that”. Have you met Caterina Caselli? “Of course, it was also there when I signed the contract.”
‘Scappiamo via’ is the first ‘taste’ of NDG’s new musical project: “We don’t know yet if it will be an Ep or an album, it will arrive in 2022. There are many songs ready, others I’m still working on. I wanted the first single was of impact, which gave a strong charge. With the next I think I will explore a more introspective part of me (aspect already released in another of his most successful and most intense songs, Black Heart) “. NDG also has possible collaborations in mind for the album: “I’m working on it, let’s see what happens”.
For the musician “rap was the language that helped me and express myself through writing. It remains very important to me, even if now, working more on the productions and the voice, I feel an urban dimension more mine, which includes the ‘hip hop, rap, urban pop … It’s a world that also takes inspiration from soul, it is explored by artists like Blanco or The Weeknd “.
An opening that also brings him back to the artist who has considered an idol since childhood, Michael Jackson: “He passed on his passion for music, for dance, and certainly his melodic lines inspired me”.
The forced stop that arrived with Covid, right in the middle of its record launch, was a “complex period for me, but also very useful. It taught me that you must first of all be comfortable with yourself, not be influenced by opinion or expectations. of others. I’m learning to keep them away, I just think about working hard in the studio and giving my best. I’m back to doing what I love. ” (HANDLE).

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Source From: Ansa

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