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    It turned out inconvenient: the stars, which people took for the homeless (photo)

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    Not all Hollywood stars appear on the street in full dress, many prefer American simplicity and do not hesitate to go out in old shabby clothes.

    Stars who were mistaken for homeless / Фото: Getty Images

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    It would seem that if your face flashes on all the world’s TV screens, there should be no problems with recognition. However, as practice shows, you can be mistaken for homelessness, even if you are a superstar… Which of the popular personalities did the fans not recognize?

    Daniel Radcliffe

    The film about the wizard boy Harry Potter made Radcliffe a world star. The actor often appears on the street in not the most stylish images, therefore confusing him with a homeless person is not that difficult… And so it happened on a New York street while Daniel was waiting for his girlfriend at the store. Radcliffe was approached by a guy who offered him $ 5 for coffee… The actor often recalls this incident and laughs that he needs to shave more often.

    Daniel Radcliffe with his girlfriend
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    Daniel Radcliffe with his girlfriend / Фото: Getty Images

    Richard Gere

    On the set of the film “From Time Immemorial” to Richard Gere had to reincarnate as a homeless person… The actor got used to the role so well that his really mistaken for a bum… A tourist from France saw Gere on a street in Nyo York and decided to buy him a pizza… Richard decided not to go out of style and just thanked and blessed the girl.

    Richard Gere as a homeless man on the set
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    Richard Gere as a homeless man on the set / Фото: Getty Images

    Nicolas Cage

    The situation with the Hollywood actor turned out to be uncomfortable – he was kicked out of the restaurant because he was mistaken for a homeless… Cage came to rest in one of the elite restaurants in Las Vegas, while his appearance was, to put it mildly, not presentable – the actor put on leopard pants, a stretched T-shirt and rubber slippers. When Cage tried to order expensive alcohol, the staff began to kick him out of the restaurant… Already a little drunk, the actor then made a real scandal.

    Nicolas Cage was tried to be kicked out of the restaurant

    Nicolas Cage was tried to be kicked out of the restaurant / Photo: thesun.co.uk

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