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    What prevents strong and independent women from creating happy relationships – expert opinion

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    Strong and independent women who have no personal happiness. We understand with experts why this is happening, what are the reasons and how to deal with it

    Why strong and independent women are lonely / Photo: unsplash.com

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    A successful career, a good salary, a home, a car, but for some reason still alone … Earlier we said that scientists have already found a way to cope with loneliness. Leading project “I bring you beauty” on the channel “Ukraine” Yuri Tsarev figured out what is the reason for the loneliness of strong women.

    What is the reason

    “I can nail the shelf myself, and fix the socket, and change the wheel”, – many heroines of the makeover show “I am bringing you beauty” have already told about their skills. And sometimes this has to be done not because there is no man nearby, he just does not do the right thing, and then suddenly disappears.

    Women are hindered by the habit of controlling everything and pulling the blanket over themselves, the stylist explained. – Men don’t like it and run away. Such a woman needs to give the reins of power to a partner and trust him.

    What to do

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    You can act like a woman, that is, learn to let go of the situation, with the advice of an Argentine tango teacher.

    What is the partner’s task? Do not fuss and do what your partner does not offer, – advises tango therapist Emma Kologrivova. – When you feel your partner and trust him, then you get a very beautiful dance. This also works in relationships.

    Often strong and independent at work, in relationships, such a woman behaves like a girl.

    But when a woman demonstrates that she is small, the man reacts to her as a girl, and not as a sexy and attractive woman, – art coach Yuri Tsarev noticed this mistake in the behavior of some heroines.

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    That is, a man takes on the role of a father or an older friend and does not see a woman as a partner for a relationship.

    If we talk about appearance, then there are extremes: either there are too many bright accents in the image, which broadcast: “Pay attention to me! I have not had a relationship for a long time”, or gray and inconspicuous clothes.

    When a woman does not consider herself beautiful and is constantly looking for some flaws in herself, then she chooses modest and inconspicuous clothes, – explained the top stylist Yuri Tsarev. – But I see such a woman in a luxurious dress, on heels, who walks and carries herself, confident in who she really is.

    One of the experts of the show “I am bringing you beauty” stylist-make-up artist Marina Borshchevskaya – strong, but incredibly feminine; independent but in a happy relationship. Her advice was very useful for one of the participants in the project.

    When a woman is strong and independent, it is difficult for her to find an even more independent man. Therefore, sometimes, you need to allow yourself to be weak, gentle, feminine, – said stylist and makeup artist Marina Borshchevskaya. – And then there will definitely be someone who wants to protect you.

    Watch the makeover show “I am bringing you beauty” from Monday to Thursday at 10:00 on the channel “Ukraine”.



    Source From: Segodnya

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