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Nicola Savino with ‘Il Giovane Old’ on RaiPlay

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(ANSA) – ROME, DECEMBER 06 – A show full of fun, the new RaiPlay original. Nicola Savino returns exclusively to the Rai platform from 11.00 pm on 8 December, every Wednesday, for five episodes. “Il Giovane OLD” is a sort of artistic after-work in which musicians and talents find a safe stage on which to perform, experiment, but above all have fun in total freedom. A weekly event full of comedy and extra-musical ideas with the presence of comedians, well-known and consolidated faces together with names of the new generation. In short, a show where the watchword is absolute fun.

“Music, lightness and laughter – comments Elena Capparelli, director of RaiPlay and Digital -. For us Il Giovane Old is a program for everyone, young and old. We are happy with the return of Nicola Savino on RaiPlay. The idea is that of RaiPlay. continue to be a training ground for experimenting with new forms of entertainment “. Live performances will be the beating heart of the format: the artists on stage will give life to unique performances, the result of original encounters and unprecedented contaminations. With the support of a resident band, made up of top-level musicians directed by Vittorio Cosma, and thanks to a suggestive immersive scenography created specifically for each performance, the stage will become the scene of exclusive show numbers that only “the young OLD” will be able to perform. able to offer. In each episode, three musical guests from different genres (from mainstream, indie, rap to the great masters) will alternate to enhance and celebrate music with creative freedom and experimentation and alongside them great names in Italian laughter.

Guests of the first episode Jovanotti, Brunori Sas, Vasco Brondi and Matteo Mobrici. Nicola Savino with his colorful and unlikely tour company, made up of commentators and experts, will give life to unique and unpredictable moments. In the studio with him Melissa Greta Marchetto and the champions of laughter Dj Angelo, Herbert Ballerina, Aurora Leone. Next to them the new generation of comedians: Pietro Casella, Xhuliano Dule, Francesco Mileto, Giorgia Fumo. (HANDLE).

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Source From: Ansa

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