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Books: ‘The pink pajamas’, the noir novel by Fabio Federici

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(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, DEC 13 – FABIO FEDERICI, THE PINK PAJAMAS (Oligo Editore, pp 295, 16 euros). In Bologna on the eve of the pandemic, while the carnival is being celebrated in the square, a journey begins in the inscrutable, in everyone’s fears, in the black and white of the psyche and in the depths of the dark web. Between lights and shadows, anguish and emotions, a young police investigator tries to clarify a provincial history from which dark realities emerge, made up of betrayals and full of unspeakable secrets. Characters who feed on narcissism and vanity move in a suspenseful intertwining, as men and women with a deep sense of humanity fight for the truth, until they arrive at a gripping finale that promises more than a twist.

This is the story at the center of ‘The pink pajamas’, the latest book by Fabio Federici, who won the’ Special Thriller Award with the ‘crime analysis’ of the narrative section – Giallo-Noir-Thriller book. Wednesday 15 December at 9 pm it will be presented at the municipal library of Castelfranco Emilia (Modena), Gabriella Degli Esposti room, with the author interviewed by the journalist Pierluigi Senatore.

Federici has published with Oligo Editore various essays in the criminology field, winners of prizes, such as ‘The dark side of the Nigerian mafia in Italy’, first classified at the 2021 ‘United for Legality’ Literary Prize. haiku poems resulting, with his collection ‘L’Oggi’, second place in the Switzerland Literary Prize, 1st edition, Mendrisio 2021.

The story of Federici’s latest noir novel is characterized by the figure of a woman, a meticulous investigator dotted between charm and uniform, who stands out and gives light, in the scanning of the chapters, to that pink aspect recalled in the title that derives however from another a detail that will obviously be revealed gradually to the reader. The preface is by Maurizio De Giovanni, the post faction of Franco Binello. (HANDLE).

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Source From: Ansa

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