Mina’s relationship with Tim ends at the end of 2021

(ANSA) – ROME, DEC 28 – With the end of 2021, Mina’s relationship with TIM telecommunication SPA ends. This was announced by a note from the interpreter’s communications manager.

” Five years of brilliant collaborations where Mina sang for the commercials and gave voice to the official communication of the telephone group. Many songs that Mina has interpreted giving a soundtrack to the visionary and brilliant ideas of Luca Josi, head of TIM’s creative strategy in these years of success together. In 2017 Josi asked Mina to sing “All night” for the spot of the first campaign that saw them working together for TIM, and it was immediately a success. This is followed by the re-reading of “It’s another day of sun” taken from the film Lalaland, which leads Mina to sing in Sanremo in the TIM advertisements of 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, becoming the voice of the event’s sole sponsor (to “reappear” digitally, in the final evening of 2018, for the first time in the history of the festival, in hologram on stage). In these 5 years together, Luca Josi and Mina often change the creativity of TIM commercials with courage and imagination. Mina always interprets different songs, among which: “Merry Christmas in love” by Tony Renis, “Il Segnale” (Italian version of “Kiss the sky” by Jason Derulo) “Stella stai” (slips slips … by Tozzi), a ironic “TIMtarella di luna”, Disney’s “Dreams are desires” up to “This is TIM” Italian version with ad hoc text of the song “This is me” taken from the film “The greatest showman” which becomes the soundtrack of the commercials for throughout 2021. The choice and effectiveness of Mina as TIM’s official sponsor for these 5 years has confirmed how flexible, unmistakable and contemporary her voice is for audiences of all ages. (HANDLE).


Source From: Ansa

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