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Al Bano, I am positive at Covid, no New Year’s Eve from Bari

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Al Bano tested positive at Covid and will not be able to participate in the New Year’s Eve of Canale 5, which will be broadcast by Petruzzelli in Bari, with the conduction of Federica Panicucci. It is the same artist from Cellino San Marco to announce it with a video posted on Instagram.
“Well yes, the cursed Covid virus has hit me to the point that I cannot do what was planned to do: the last night of the year from Bari with Panicucci and many friends like Riccardo Fogli, The Kolors, the great Facchinetti “, explains the singer, 78, in a blue sweater and hat, from his outfit.
“I am here, I have to fight this arm wrestling with this cursed one who is invisible but strikes, he is the most important enemy, the most squalid one who represents a bit the enemy of the Third World War. It will end, because everything passes: I have already prepared the funeral, I bought the coffin, it’s called coronavirus, I put the date of birth, I’m waiting for the blessed date of death “.
“Let’s put a little irony, a little strength, let’s not cry on ourselves”, underlines Al Bano in the name of optimism, who however warns the no vax: “Be careful, it affects everyone, even the no vax. great bitter truth. Happy New Year to everyone, always good everything, in the end we will surely win “, he concludes. (HANDLE).

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