Pompeii: the restoration of the horse carrying goods is underway

(ANSA) – POMPEII, DEC 29 – It was found 83 years ago during the archaeological excavations carried out in Pompeii by the researcher Amedeo Maiuri. Now, for the skeleton of an almost two-thousand-year-old horse, a restoration and enhancement project is being carried out by the Archaeological Park. Once restored and consolidated, thanks to the laser scanner survey of the skeleton, a 3d model for the visually impaired will be created, in view of a new accessible and inclusive setting.

The skeleton of the animal, a horse one meter and 34 centimeters high at the withers, used for the transport of goods for towing, emerged in via dell’Abbondanza, in what was identified as a stable.

Maiuri left the finds on the site of the discovery – according to the practice of widespread musealization – putting the horse back on its feet on a metal structure, covered by a canopy. But, over the decades, the metal armor has also damaged the skeleton with oxidation phenomena that have affected the color of the bones.

For this reason, the Pompeii Archaeological Park has undertaken its restoration with the project of a new layout that allows it to be enhanced. ” It is a multidisciplinary intervention, which sees restorers and archaeologists at work, constantly supported in every phase of the interventions by an archaeozoologist in order to conduct an adequate scientific study of the horse, not addressed at the time of Maiuri , which will be able to provide further and important information on the type of animals that were used in Pompeii and on their characteristics ” underlines the director of the Park Gabriel Zuchtriegel. (HANDLE).


Source From: Ansa

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