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    Covid does not detract from the appeal of the Egyptian Museum, 400 thousand visitors

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    (ANSA) – TURIN, 31 DEC – 2021 of the Egyptian Museum closes with almost 400,000 visitors, an increase compared to 241,000 in 2020, when, however, the days of closure due to Covid had been double (181) compared to this ‘year (96). The highest number of visitors in August (53,433) and October (58,271), despite the fact that the capacity had returned to 100% only in the middle of the month.

    The entry into force of the Green pass, from 6 August, has therefore not had a negative impact on museum entrances. Egypt has faced the uncertainty caused by Covid by focusing on exhibition projects and the renewal of the permanent exhibition, which saw the inauguration of a new room, ‘In search of life’, which tells about ancient Egypt through the study of six mummies of different ages. With on-site activities, the Museum’s commitment to digital continued in 2021. Followers on all social networks are growing: on Facebook they are 244,197 (they were 236,028 in 2020), on Instagram 90,200 (in 2020 76,306) on Linkedin 15 thousand (in 2020 10,446) on Twitter 32,336 (30,889 in 2020) and finally 16,200 subscribed to the Museum’s Youtube channel (there were 13,293 last year). In spring the Virtual Tour was launched, to remotely visit some rooms of the Museum.

    Also online from this month a part of the historical photographic archive of the Museum. (HANDLE).

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    Source From: Ansa

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