Moretti in the room for Three floors, my no to platforms

(ANSA) – ROME, 03 JAN – “Since when I write, I shoot a film, I produce it and act it, I think of the cinema and the theater as a place to see my work, I have waited a long time for the cinemas to reopen”. Nanni Moretti thus reiterated his position on the difficult moment the world of cinema went through due to the impediments linked to the Covid emergency, speaking in Rome before the screening of his ‘Three floors’ in the Delle Provincie arthouse hall. “I didn’t do like those producers who sold their films to platforms,” ​​said the director, adding ironically to “don’t judge who has acted differently” from him. “The book from which the screenplay and the film are taken – he observed – speak of our tendency to lead isolated lives, to do without a community that we thought no longer existed. Here, the pandemic is as if it had exposed this lie. The concept of community is back in the limelight. We must all face and come out of this crucial period together. ” Describing his first film born from a subject not his own, Moretti explained that the screenplay aimed at intertwining the three stories of guilt, obsessions and pain of the protagonists which in the book of the Israeli Eshkol Nevo were separate stories. “Female characters have a different way of dealing with conflicts. Men are firm, nailed to their beliefs, their fears and an absolute sense of justice, stubbornly convinced that they are on the side of reason. The female characters try to mend and untie. conflicts, to leave room for the other, a change of perspective not only in private life but also in public life “. (HANDLE).


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