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Louis Vuitton has introduced a new (but not quite) version of the monogram

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Longtime fans of the brand and fashion historians will easily understand that this print began to be used in the 19th century.

Louis Vuitton introduced a new version of the monogram / Photo: Collage: Today

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Following the Balenciaga New Year’s tiger collection, Louis Vuitton has also prepared a surprise for its fans. The brand launched 2022 with a new monogram. And somewhere you have already seen it.

The fashion house Louis Vuitton presented a collection of bags decorated with the Malletage pattern… Long ago, the founder of the brand used it to lining the famous Louis Vuitton suitcases. The cyclical nature of fashion, what can I say. At least not plagiarized.

Mixing colors and textures, the new monogram brings some of the fashion house’s most iconic bags to life.

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– says the brand’s Instagram.

The motif, updated in a new way, is not just printed, but also embroidered on the leather, creating a handmade effect.

The print is easily recognizable on the bestselling bags Оnthego, Speedy, Loop and Dauphine… Complement the Louis Vuitton collection with denim bags in a classic monogram. They remind us very much of the trends of the 2000s, which are now actively returning to fashion.

Louis Vuitton introduced a new version of the monogram

Louis Vuitton introduced a new version of the monogram / Photo: instagram.com/louisvuitton

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