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    The daughter of Leonid Kuravlev brought her father to a terrible state: He was thin, unwashed, had to clean his ears

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    After the children of Leonid Kuravlev realized that their father had closed himself in, they decided to send him to a special institution, since caring for the actor probably became a burden for them

    The daughter of Leonid Kuravlev sent her father to a nursing home / Photo: kino-teatr.ru

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    According to the employees of the boarding house, where Leonid Kuravlev was taken, the actor’s heirs did not monitor his health. And now Leonid Vyacheslavovich does not want to communicate with his relatives.

    He treats his relatives very badly. His daughter brought and so he, even when she came, pretended to be asleep. He didn’t even want to hear about her. He lived with her, but he was brought from home to us in a very bad condition. She didn’t bring him here, but her son. I think it was some kind of act of salvation, – says an employee of the institution on the air of the program “Let them talk.”

    Photo: frame from the program “Let them talk”

    He arrived thin, we can assume that he did not eat up. But with a good appetite, that is, the suggestion that he refused food can be ruled out. We have six meals a day, and he ate, – an employee of the institution shares.

    The girl also said that the actor looked unkempt – with an overgrown beard, unwashed.

    We even had to call Laura to clean his ears, because they were not cleaned, – says the employee of the boarding house.

    Leonid Kuravlev has a bad relationship with his daughter
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    Leonid Kuravlev has a bad relationship with his daughter / Photo: Instagram

    What is known about Kuravlev’s daughter?

    Ekaterina Kuravleva, daughter of Leonid Kuravlev, was born in 1962. In her youth, she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and start a career as an actress. The first acting work of Catherine was the role in the film by Gerald Bezhanov “The Most Charming and Attractive”, where she played the neighbor of the heroine Irina Muravyova. In addition, Kuravleva starred in the films “Where is the nofelet”, “Friend” and “Jaguar”.

    Photo: frame from the film
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    However, Catherine was not destined to become a successful actress. Her vocation turned out to be another area – Kuravleva became a famous psychotherapist. Now Ekaterina Kuravleva avoids publicity in every possible way. Nothing is known about her personal life either.

    Leonid Kuravlev has three grandchildren, but all of them were given to the actor by his son Vasily. Catherine, according to Russian media, has no children.

    Earlier we shared the love story of Leonid Kuravlev and his wife.


    Source From: Segodnya

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