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Apple Fitness+ introduces workout collections and jogging routes

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Now the service has a new section “Collections” with collections of workouts and meditations, as well as an audio collection “Jog” with running routes

Apple Fitness+ launches workout collections and audio guides for runs / Photo: Collage: Today

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App monitoring company App Annie’s report on how we use our mobile phone in 2021 is no lie – people are spending more time on health apps. Therefore, Apple continues to surprise users by developing new features for their devices.

Apple Fitness+ now has workout packs and audio guides for runs with sessions for abs, legs, posture and relaxation before bed. A specially created service for Apple Watch, Apple Fintess+, has a new section “Collections” for training and meditation. In addition, there are also running audio routes in the largest cities in the world.

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Apple VP of Fitness Technology Jay Blahnik said:

We know that with the start of a new year, many are looking for new ways to achieve their goals. These additions to the Fitness+ service will help you find motivation and keep active: users have at their disposal a complete media library of high-quality and diverse content for training the body and spirit, regardless of the level of training.

At present, six collections are available to users:

  1. Improve Your Posture with Pilates for correct posture,
  2. Perfect Your Yoga Balance Poses for perfect asanas,
  3. 30-Day Core Challenge to strengthen the core muscles in a month,
  4. Run Your First 5K for beginner runners
  5. Wind Down for a Better Bedtime to relax before bed
  6. Strengthen and Stretch Your Back and Hips for the back and hips.

And in the “Jog” section, you can still find routes in London, Brooklyn and Miami Beach in the voice accompaniment of coaches. Each of them is designed for athletes of any level of training. Every Monday, the developers promise us to add new routes.

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Source From: Segodnya

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