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    Depraved Rasputin-sweet tooth did not save King’s Man with his comedy – review

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    The film “Kings Man” was released – a prequel of two films about the secret organization Kingsman, whose members are the best spies of Great Britain

    Review of the film “Kings Man” / Photo: press service

    If I were asked to describe the picture as briefly as possible, I would say that Kings Man – this action-satire, a bit of drama with comedic elements in a fantastic-historical wrapper. In general, the creators of the “banter” almost succeeded!

    About the plot

    Let’s start with the fact that the action of the film begins in 1912, and later takes place in 1914 – at the very beginning of the First World War. All the events that take place in the film revolve around her.

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    Of course, many historical facts have been distorted and even exaggerated. What can I say if the main reason for the outbreak of the First World War in the story is a personal quarrel between three cousins ​​- the Russian Tsar Nicholas II, King George V of Great Britain and the German Emperor Wilhelm II.

    Photo: press service

    For reference: in reality, only Nicholas II and George V were cousins, but Wilhelm II was a cousin only of George V and the wife of Nicholas II, Alexandra Feodorovna. But now is not about that.

    Who quarreled the monarchs? That’s right, a secret organization led by a certain Shepherd, which “Kingsman” opposes.

    In order to carry out his plan and unleash a war, the main villain gathered at the same table many famous personalities, including the famous Rasputin, Mato Hari and even Vladimir Lenin.

    I will not reveal the Shepherd’s motives, you will find out for yourself, because in this way all the intrigue will be lost.

    The founder of the Kingsman, the Duke of Orlando of Oxford, is played by Ralph Fiennes, whom we know from numerous film roles, including Voldemort in the Harry Potter film series.

    His only son, Conrad, played by a young British actor Harris Dickinson eager to go to war, but a loving and at the same time strict father does not let him go to the battlefield. The Duke of Oxford uses all his connections to keep his son at home.

    Photo: press service

    Beware, spoiler! The son still manages to get into the ranks of the soldiers and undergo training. At the front, he dies while carrying out an important assignment and posthumously receives an award for his feat.

    Being in complete despair, the Duke of Oxford at first withdraws into himself, but thanks to his faithful servants – the nanny of his son and Polly (Gemma Artenton) and bodyguard Cholet (Jmion Hounsou), he decides to save his native Great Britain from defeat in the First World War.

    Guessing that a secret society led by a psycho villain is behind everything, the Duke of Oxford begins the hunt for criminals who serve the Shepherd who unleashed the war.

    Where to laugh?

    For the first 40 minutes of the film, I was waiting for the action and the flow of perky jokes and gags that were saturated with the two previous parts of “Kingsman” to begin. However, instead, the personal tragedy of the protagonist was shown – in some places I even wanted to cry.

    The most striking and, perhaps, amusing moment in the film is the meeting of the main characters with Grigory Rasputin. The creators of the picture made this historical character very caricatured and comical. I would like to say a great game. Rhys Ivanswho gave 100% in this role.

    Photo: press service

    Rasputin in the film is shown as a traitor, a sweet tooth and … that still lecherous libertine. Although, if you read the notes of historians, there is still some truth in this. And even the murder of the favorite of the royal family in the film partially corresponds to reality.

    Did a great job and Thomas Hollander, who in the film played both Nicholas II, and George V and Wilhelm II. The fact that the roles of all three monarchs were played by the same actor, I did not immediately notice – a big plus for the make-up artists.

    Photo: press service

    But back to the plot. Viewers will get a dose of humor just in the episode with Rasputin, but the real action will begin when Ralph Fiennes, that is, the Duke of Oxford, with his team (nanny Polly and bodyguard Shola) gets to the lair of the main villain.

    As you may have guessed, everything will end up pretty well, and at the end of the film, the duke, along with his assistants and several other characters (I won’t reveal the intrigue) will become the founder of the secret organization “Kinsmen”.

    Bright Vinaigrette

    It is difficult to describe all the emotions from watching, because the impressions were twofold – this picture is worth watching for the fans of “Kingsman” to see how it all began, and the film itself is not bad. But if you want to watch a cool action comedy, you are most likely in the wrong place.

    In this film, the creators made a good joke on historical figures who have long been dead, on their own traditions and manners (self-irony is not alien to the British), and on the genre of “spy” movies in general. But…

    “Some kind of cringe (synonymous with “Spanish shame” – Ed.),” said the girl standing behind me in line in the wardrobe after everyone left the cinema.

    And you know, you can agree with her and argue at the same time – the film is interesting, sometimes funny and very spectacular, and not everyone will clearly understand the irony, but the creators came out with Vinaigrette, which is very difficult to call a comedy. But in the description of the film, this particular genre was indicated.

    Evaluating “Kins Man” on a 10-point scale, I give this film 6 out of 10.

    Earlier we talked about the most interesting moments from the Harry Potter special.


    Source From: Segodnya

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