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    What are the best whole grains for weight loss – 3 trending superfoods

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    Replacing refined grains with whole grains can help you lose weight and prevent diabetes, cancer, and more. Therefore, add bread, pasta and whole grain cereals to your diet.

    For weight loss, it is better to eat whole grains, 3 trendy superfoods – such bread, cereals and durum pasta / Photo: freepik.com

    How easy it is to improve your health and lose weight by switching from refined grains to whole grains. Replacing refined grains with whole grains will help reduce the risk of serious chronic diseases, writes the journal Nutrients.

    What are the benefits of whole grains

    In whole grain products high dietary fiber content – it is from fiber, the researchers note, a huge health benefit. Whole grains are also rich in other beneficial phytochemicals, fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

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    This is the main difference between whole grain grains and already peeled grains, since grain germ and bran remain in it (the upper shell of the grain). Whole grain products improve bowel function, give a longer feeling of fullness, so even a “handful of grains” will make you full for a long time.

    In addition to losing weight, switching to whole grains helps reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer, especially colorectal (i.e. intestine).

    What whole grain foods should you include in your diet?

    Product number 1 – bread, eat most of us – a white refined loaf can be replaced with a loaf of whole grain bread. However, if the bread is slightly darker in appearance than traditional white bread, then it is not necessarily made entirely from whole grains.

    Carefully check the list of ingredients from which it is made: the phrase must be indicated in the squeak “whole grain” and its derivatives. For weight loss, bread made from whole wheat or rye flour is recommended.

    Product number 2 – whole grains – whole wheat, oats (not oatmeal), rice (not polished white – but rather brown), buckwheat. Be careful with the “unground” buckwheat variety if you have problems with the digestive tract. At gluten intolerance rice, buckwheat, quinoa, corn grits are suitable.

    Pasta from durum wheat - a healthy alternative to cereals

    Pasta from durum wheat – a healthy alternative to cereals / Photo: freepik.com

    If you are not very friendly with cereals, then the alternative is product number 3 – durum pasta wheat. This whole grain pasta has a distinct brown tint. In such pasta there are more bran and germs, shells of wheat grain, therefore the color of the product is darker.

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