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    “For the first time in my life it’s so good for me”: Sofia Stuzhuk – about why she doesn’t show a new guy

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    TOP blogger in the Ukrainian space Sofia Stuzhuk told why she doesn’t show her new boyfriend to the public. After novels and numerous rumors, the famous girl decided to change her mind on this matter.

    Sofia Stuzhuk has not yet revealed the name of the new lover / Photo: instagram.com/sofia_stuzhuk/

    While the Network was discussing how much Sofia Stuzhuk earns, the well-known blogger again opened up with the public. This time she answered why she did not want to show the new guy.

    New revelations of the star appeared on her Instagram as part of answering questions. So, the millionaire blogger admitted that she now regrets her frankness regarding her personal life.

    Sofia Stuzhuk admitted that she is very happy in a new relationship / screenshot from Instagram Stuzhuk
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    Of course, it is unlikely that Stuzhuk will restructure her blog so as not to show her personal life at all, but so far she does present personal information in a very dosed way.

    In matters of marriage, Sofia is in no hurry. Having survived a difficult divorce, now she is more committed to building a healthy relationship than to rush to the registry office.

    So far, Sofia Stuzhuk is in no hurry to go to the registry office / screenshot from Instagram Stuzhuk

    Sofia Stuzhuk’s personal life: details

    Recall that earlier Sofia Stuzhuk was married to Dmitry Stuzhuk, from whom she gave birth to three children. But their relationship ended in divorce. And on October 16, 2020, Dmitry died from the coronavirus.

    Six months after the death of Dmitry, Sofia began to attribute a relationship with the ex-participant of the “Bachelor” blogger Andrey Shatyrko. She was also seen in the company of the famous Dutch football player Axel Weitz, the star of the show “Top Model in Ukrainian” and the TV series “Kyiv Day and Night” Max Sosnovsky. In addition, there were rumors about an affair with Igor Pustovit.

    Sofia Stuzhuk and Andrey Shatyrko

    Sofia Stuzhuk and Andrey Shatyrko / Photo: instagram.com/sofia_stuzhuk/

    With whom the famous girl is dating now, one can only wait when the influencer decides to introduce his new chosen one to the public.

    Recall that earlier Sofia Stuzhuk ran into a hatred for a vacation in the Carpathians without children.


    Source From: Segodnya

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