Died Viktor Buturlin, director of the TV series “Streets of Broken Lights”

Lenfilm reported that Viktor Buturlin, a famous director and screenwriter, suddenly died

No famous director / Photo: open sources, kinoshkola.org

The Lenfilm report says that Viktor Buturlin has died. He was gone at the age of 76.

Colleagues of Viktor Baturlin, his students, teachers of the Higher School of Directors and Screenwriters, where he taught, remembered him as an energetic and witty friend and a talented artist. Film Studio “Lenfilm” mourns with family and friends,

– the publication says.

Viktor Buturlin

Viktor Buturlin / Photo: Lenfilm

Buturlin had wife and three daughters.

Briefly about the biography of Viktor Buturlin

Viktor Buturlin is a Russian film director, screenwriter and artist. He graduated from the directing department of the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography, and then the workshop of Nikita Mikhalkov. Since 1981 he worked at Lenfilm.

He worked on such series: “Tourist”, “Gardener”, “Time to Love”, “Streets of Broken Lanterns”, “Deadly Force”, “Alka”, “To live first” and others. One of the last works of the master was the documentary “One for All”.

Viktor Buturlin died suddenly / photo – kp.ru

Also this week we said goodbye to Viktor Merezhko.

Source: Segodnya

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