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What “attracts” depression? The psychologist called 10 reasons that people neglect

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People are exposed to 10 factors and then suffer from a depressive state

Depression is a mental health disorder, during which a person feels depressed and apathetic to everything that surrounds him. Depression is a problem of people, which minimizes the desire to live to the fullest, develop and act. We are with psychologist Alena Shcherban, Let’s talk about 10 factors that “attract” depression. Read on to get around the problem and live a stress-free life.

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1 – poor physical shape

If you are dissatisfied with your physical shape, do not monitor the quality of the body, but also carelessly treat its needs (lack of sleep, unbalanced nutrition, insufficient water intake), this will bring you closer to depression.

2 – inactive lifestyle

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People who are “for” an active lifestyle suffer less from depression. Your body is in a state of “stagnation” and brings you closer to depression if you work sitting all day, move little, do not take walks and do not play sports.

3 – insecurity

People should feel secure every day: we are talking not only about a cozy home, but also communication with loved ones. When looking for a soulmate, it is advisable to choose psychologically mature partners who will understand you on a mental level.

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4 – lack of own position

Build your own boundaries and don’t let others destroy them. Stand up for your own position and values ​​that are the rules of your life. People who follow the call of others and forget about themselves are more likely to be depressed.

5 – inability to show one’s sexuality

You do not know and do not understand how to get sensual pleasure from contact with the world and experience bodily pleasure. The inability to show one’s sexuality is one of the factors that “attract” a depressive state.

6 – lack of proper communication with society

In your life, the balance is disturbed during communication with people “take-give”. You do not share what you have, do not appreciate and do not give thanks for what you have. Also, you do not have the opportunity to ask for what is important to you, because you do not know how, did not learn or did not understand.

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7 – low self-esteem

Perhaps you do not have an inner core. And you don’t know your worth at all. You do not know how to appropriate your achievements and boldly rely on your experience.

8 – inability to build healthy relationships with others

People need to be brave in order to end a relationship with no future, but also to become more confident in themselves and not be afraid to take the first steps. The main thing is to stay true to your own values ​​and position.

9 – unreasoned criticism

You are closer to depression if you have an inner critic who is constantly judging and devaluing yourself. The inability to accept compliments from others is another “call” that you are one step closer to a depressive state.

10 – do not appreciate what you have

You are often in a state of duality: dividing the world into evil and good, black and white. And you don’t realize that you have both. And this non-acceptance significantly reduces the quality of your life.

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