the “big conference” will lead to decisions in early 2023, announces François Braun

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2:59 p.m., July 27, 2022

The “stakeholder conference” on access to care will begin in September and end in December, to give rise to decisions early next year, announced the Minister of Health, François Braun. Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promise, this consultation will bring together caregivers, elected officials and patients.

Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promise, the “stakeholder conference” on health will begin in September and will give rise to decisions at the “early next year”, said Wednesday the Minister of Health, François Braun. Initially scheduled for July, the “big conference” on access to care will finally extend “from the beginning of September until December”, indicated François Braun on Franceinfo, announcing decisions “for the beginning of next year” .

Consultation between caregivers, elected officials and patients

Praising “a new way of working”, he stressed that in addition to the State, “which will play its role in this consultation”, three other categories of actors will be “systematically associated with the work”: caregivers, elected officials “who will also have to take their responsibilities” and “the patients, of whom we must hear what they have to say to us” – to this end, a platform to collect citizen contributions “will see the light of day at the very beginning of September”. For the time being, the minister is increasing meetings with “trade unions, doctors, paramedics, (hospital) federations” in order to “build the main themes of this consultation”.

Asked about a possible constraint on the installation of liberal doctors in medical deserts, he assured that there would be “no taboo on the subject”, while affirming that “there is no miracle solution “. “We know that there are solutions which are operational and others which are not, they will all be on the table (and) I will take the necessary decisions”, he added. All in coordination with the “national council for refoundation” announced by the Head of State, which will also begin in September and will be “the hat” in which “the conference of stakeholders will be integrated”, specified François Brown.

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