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    “The wave will be there at the start of the school year”, according to an epidemiologist

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    Lionel Gougelot
    2:27 p.m., August 18, 2022

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    France is currently recording a sharp decline in the epidemic. The health authorities, however, fear an epidemic resumption in the fall. Invited to the microphone of Europe 1 this Thursday, the epidemiologist Didier Pittet affirmed that there would be a “new wave” at the start of the school year and that it would be much larger than the last one having hit France.

    The president of the new scientific committee, Brigitte Autran, wanted to alert, Tuesday August 16, to the high probability of an epidemic resumption at the start of the school year. “The most likely scenario is that of an epidemic peak at the start of the school year. Will it be due to a new variant or the return of the cold? We are not guessing, but it is almost certain that there will be a wave in the fall”, she warns in the columns of the Parisian. Questioned at the microphone of Lionel Gougelot Thursday morning on Europe 1, the epidemiologist Didier Pittet held the same speech.

    “The Covid is much more transmissible in the fall”

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    “There will be the return to school and the resumption of activities, the mixing of populations. And then, of course, the change in weather since even if the Covid is not yet a seasonal virus, we see that it is much more transmissible in the fall”, he underlines.

    “The wave will be bigger than the last”

    “The Omicron variant or variants will certainly be those of the next wave, since we have been living in an Omicron era since the beginning of this year. And so, we cannot predict everything, but it is certain that the wave will be good. there. It will certainly be more important than the last one which was relatively modest”, warns the epidemiologist.

    Source: Europe1

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