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    These apps that help you organize your family life

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    Having children takes time. Exhausted parents, single mothers, recomposed families… There are many patterns and require a well-honed gymnastics to juggle between work, school, nursery and everyday life. To make life easier, apps exist. Europe 1 has tested them and explains to you how it could revolutionize your life as a parent.

    Shared, the catch-all application

    The idea for the Shared app germinated in Anthony Amouyal’s head in September 2021. This entrepreneur decided to help parents by creating a shared garden to organize family life. Shopping list, budget management, to-do list, important documents, doctor’s phone number, extracurricular activities… Your whole life is gathered in a single application.

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    “Through the agenda, we will be able to view the schedule, manage custody exchanges”, explains the creator of the application. “We will be able to keep a history. For some, it is important. And above all, we will also be able to share visibility with third parties. It can be a new spouse, grandparents or a nanny, then parents not -separated. You also have the possibility of making visible all the need for daily organization and therefore moving towards a better distribution of daily tasks.”

    Something to organize also with the father of his child, from whom we are separated. And so to talk about the issue of expenses without getting into the conflict, listing all the respective expenses.

    Pop Moms, the application to share custody of your child

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    A social network dedicated to families that aims to help parents. A barter of good services: one hour at the hairdresser for one hour of childcare. What to avoid dispatching (and paying) a nanny for a short period. A solidarity application available throughout France. Pop Moms offers small services rendered to facilitate daily life between neighbours, but also carpooling to go to school or extracurricular activities.

    Services but also material exchanges, such as an organic bread workshop for the maintenance of dry toilets.

    Source: Europe1

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