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the government proposes to extend the internship in medicine by one year

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Arthur Delaborde and Louise Douillet, edited by Juliette Moreau Alvarez
7:37 p.m., September 24, 2022

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The executive wants to repopulate the countryside with doctors and for this, a measure will be integrated into the Social Security budget for 2023 which will be presented to the Council of Ministers on Monday. The boarding school for general medicine students will be extended for a year to send them to medical deserts.

Repopulate rural France with doctors

Emmanuel Macron was keen on this reform promised during his campaign. General medicine students will therefore have a fourth year of internship instead of three, which will make ten years of study for them in total. And during this additional year, they will practice outside the hospital, on an outpatient basis, under the responsibility of an internship supervisor. The idea is to encourage them to do this fourth year of internship in areas without a doctor, for example by offering them accommodation on site that they can keep if they wish to stay after their course. .

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In form, this measure will be integrated into the Social Security budget. Some deputies wonder if the Constitutional Council will give the green light: the Wise Men are in the habit of censoring social riders, that is to say provisions without budgetary impact and wrongly inserting in the financing bill of Social Security.

A bad method for student unions

Some medical student unions denounce an injustice. For Doctor Élise Ferey, president of the union of young doctors Réagir, this is not the right method to push young interns to settle as liberals in medical deserts. “If the intern is alone in a territory that is rather poorly endowed with doctors, he may be promised supervision by an internship supervisor, but he may not have himself experience or who is overwhelmed, you can put all the incentive aid, the intern will not want to go there.”

There is more urgent according to her, even though some interns find themselves in difficulty when it is simply a question of finding a doctor to supervise their internship. “Before thinking about a fourth year, we should already consolidate the first three,” she says with a yellow laugh. For Élise Ferey, it is necessary “to guarantee people to be able to do a lot of internships in an outpatient setting, therefore not in hospitals, so that they are familiar with it” but also “to increase training in the management of a practice”.

It is often forgotten but behind the consultation, the doctor must effectively manage the administrative. And on this subject, Dr. Élise Ferey calls for the creation of a one-stop shop at department level.

Source: Europe1

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