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an air link to attract doctors?

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Louise Douillet, edited by Alexandre Dalifard
08:11, November 18, 2022

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Faced with medical deserts, the town hall of Nevers, in Burgundy-Franche-Comté, wants to bring doctors by plane by creating a direct airline to Dijon. The objective of this project is to bring in holders from the regional capital in order to reduce the temporary staff which cost the hospital more than 3 million euros.

What solutions in the face of medical deserts? In Nevers, in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, the town hall wants to create a direct airline to Dijon. The doctors of the regional capital would then feel less distant from the big city and would have less reluctance to come to Nevers. Getting from Nevers to Dijon seems to be an accessible and feasible route, and yet, for the mayor of the town, Denis Thuriot, it is an insoluble equation. “2h30 to cover 180 kilometers is not correct. We must reduce this time which separates us from Dijon. This was not done either by road or by train, so we will do it by plane”, he indicates.

Medical interim costs the hospital more than 3 million euros

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A round trip cost estimated at 13,000 euros with the aim of bringing the permanent staff from Dijon to Nevers and putting an end to the temporary workers who cost more than three million euros to the hospital. This decision is a necessity for Patrick Bertrand, a surgeon who suffers the consequences of this lack of arms on a daily basis. “This problem generates extra work for the incumbents. And then you have to call on temporary medical staff, which disrupts everything a bit because the temporary worker, when he arrives, he doesn’t know,” laments -he.

This project to bring doctors by plane is supported by the patient population. “We hope it happens because having a beautiful building like this, huge and no doctor, is really sad,” said a patient. The project is currently in negotiation with the region.

Source: Europe1

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