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why weight loss is also played in the head?

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Achieve the perfect number on the scale. This is the goal of many French people who want to lose a few extra pounds. Diet, weight gain, new diet then new weight gain… The yo-yo effect often goes hand in hand with the desire to lose a little weight. A problem that is not always linked to a lack of control over one’s diet or a loss of motivation. In the show Well done for youJérémy Gorskie, dietician, specialist in eating behavior and author of the book “From the head to the plate”, and Charlotte Arrigoni, former journalist & author of “XXL SOS”, return to the place of mental well-being in loss weight.

Because in reality, eating disorders can often be underestimated by French people looking to lose weight. “When I met my boyfriend, I was 62 kilos. Five years later, I was 126. However, I did one, then two, then three, and even four diets”, explains the former journalist Charlotte Arrigoni.

Little-known eating disorders

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“Each time, I lost weight. Then, I regained it and above all, I regained more than what I had lost. So, each time, I was motivated but each time I had a little less motivation. And in the end, I no longer had the mind. I was on antidepressants, I was very bad in my skin and especially in my head, “she admits.

The author of “XXL SOS”, had to consult several dieticians before discovering that she actually suffers from hyperphagia, an eating disorder that promotes the absorption of “large quantities of food quickly without compensation, it is to say, without vomiting, or without laxatives”, explains the dietitian Jérémy Gorskie, at the microphone of Europe 1.

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“When I said that I ate two or even three breakfasts and that in the evening I ate two sachets of ravioli with three cordons bleus and four ice creams for dessert, why did the nutritionist or the dietician not say to himself: ‘There there may be a psychological problem behind this weight gain and we are not going to start a diet, but we are going to redirect her to a psychiatrist”, wonders Charlotte Arrigoni.

Feeling guilty

If the former journalist suffers from an eating disorder, Jérémy Gorskie advises people who have difficulty losing weight to make peace with their relationship to food. “You have to rid yourself of guilt. When they come to see me in consultation and they say to me ‘here, I would like to stop eating my emotions’, I tell them automatically that it is not possible. We are all human , we all eat our emotions. Food provokes positive or negative emotions. The idea is really to accept that and also to go to the foods that really make us happy”, he explains, emphasizing that this reflection can only be beneficial for oneself, and to achieve weight loss.

And faced with potential reluctance, the author of the book “from head to plate” reminds us: “Do not hesitate to consult, even if you are afraid. Because the problem will remain the same in the long term. So, you have to convince yourself and take the plunge to go see a spychologist or a dietitian who is trained in eating disorders. It’s a difficult process but after that, it’s only years of freedom that await you”, concludes- he.

Source: Europe1

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