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will it soon be possible to settle for two hours a night?

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It is a new area of ​​research that has just opened up. Researchers are working to eradicate the notion of sleep in men and women. Their research would in fact aim to make it possible to be satisfied with two hours of sleep per night. This is part of those extreme researches that both dream and a little scare, like the idea of ​​eradicating death with the objective of rejuvenating the organism.

One of these sections is now interested in our sleep. The objective this time is to manage to make us sleep two hours, or even less, while obtaining the same benefits as if we had slept eight hours.

Plunge straight into deep sleep

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To achieve this, scientists want to optimize sleep so that you can immediately fall into deep, the most restorative sleep, without having to bother with all the phases of drowsiness, awakening or REM sleep. It’s still research, but the idea would be to stimulate the brain with the same type of impulses that one receives in deep sleep. Concretely, we would put a kind of helmet stuffed with electrodes on the head, which we would program for two hours, and the brain must believe that it had the right to its night’s sleep.

When we sleep, it’s not just the brain that is resting. There is also the rest of the body, in particular to regenerate and eliminate toxins. Researchers are also working on cocoon beds or kinds of electronic pajamas that will stimulate our organs and boost their natural ability to regenerate. We must remember that we spend a third of our life sleeping. By sleeping less, we would have more time for leisure, work and culture. So we could experience more things in the same amount of time.

Possible negative health effects

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However, if the idea is appealing, it could have negative health effects. Since the dawn of time, human beings have slept between six and ten hours a day. We have no idea what would happen if we changed the pace. However, this is still theoretical and is pure research.

We also have to think about the consequences for society. If people only sleep two hours, when they want, everything should be reviewed: the notion of work, rest, silence at night… It makes you dream, but there is therefore also something to be afraid of.

Source: Europe1

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