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Boxing, climbing, aquabike… These sports that can boost our self-confidence

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There are many methods to boost your self-confidence, and among all these, there is the practice of a sports activity. This is demonstrated by coach Anouk Garnier on the show Well done for you. At the microphone of Julia Vignali and Mélanie Gomez, the coach explains that to “achieve your goals, self-confidence is essential”. And certain sports practices are very effective in finding this confidence.

Combat and apprehension sports

Boxing, for example, and combat sports, work very well, underlines the athlete. Which also mentions sports with apprehension, and in particular climbing. “If you have a little apprehension about height, climbing allows you to realize that you are also progressing in terms of the difficulty of the routes, so it’s not bad,” she says on Europe 1.

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Also, yoga can boost self-confidence. “We will realize that we are more and more flexible. We will better master the poses, be more balanced, and better in our body, so it is also important”, explains Anouk Garnier.

Activities that you enjoy

But if you don’t like these activities, don’t panic. “The priority is to choose something you like because you’re going to want to do it regularly, so when you do it regularly, you’re motivated and you progress faster,” agrees the coach.

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Julia Vignali, for example, practices the aquabike. An activity that is good for confidence, underlines Anouk Garnier. “You will have physical results. You will be able to progress, on the speed or the working time that you will do on the aquabike”, supports the athlete, who gives general advice: “Focus on the progress that you do because often, we focus on ‘I can’t do this’. You can note the progress, and even film yourself a little bit”.

Source: Europe1

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