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seduction, feelings… These tricks to give pleasure to a man

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Male pleasure can be a taboo subject in a relationship. In the show Well done for youa few weeks after talking about female pleasure, Julia Vignali and Mélanie Gomez meet with psycho-sexologist Sébastien Landry and love coach Bélinda to list the different ways for women to give pleasure to a man on a daily basis.

Men receptive to seduction

Contrary to popular belief, men appreciate being picked up. “It’s flattering for everyone in the end, so why not for men?”, underlines Bélinda, also present on Instagram. “Women dare more than before and it’s much easier today thanks to social networks.” The love coach affirms that seduction “increases self-confidence, and they have not had the habit of it in morals”, she adds on Europe 1.

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This seduction will first pass for women through “body language”, continues Bélinda. “The way we are going to look at the person, and also dare to complement them, give them compliments”, details the love coach.

The feelings brought forward

Another popular misconception is that men make love mechanically. However, Sébastien Landry, author of sexual desire (Blanche editions) believes that a man can also be cerebral, and that he needs that to let go in bed with his partner. “We have put forward a lot the myth of male sexuality, with the strong man in erection who works miracles with his penis, and we forget the sentimental side, the side of letting go”, he explains in Well done for you.

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Faced with this obligation of “performance”, “many men also need to create a relationship where feelings are extremely important”, continues the psycho-sexologist, “and also, when there is the stress of a day, anxieties, like a woman, one can be altered in one’s sexuality.”

An altruistic pleasure

Sébastien Landry also addresses “the fear of judgment” in bed, which can create frustration within the couple. “You have to exchange both to see if a practice could please both, and that they let themselves be guided a little”, assures the psycho-sexologist.

So what are the expectations of men in bed? In her training “The art of making love to men”, love coach Bélinda expected her friends to answer “blowjob first”. On the contrary, they prefer “to feel that the woman felt free, liberated, that she let go and that she took pleasure”, answers the Instagrammer. A male pleasure ultimately very altruistic, “and much more than we think”, she concludes on Europe 1.

Source: Europe1

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