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the vaccine for infants is reimbursed by Social Security

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Yasmina Kattou
07:29, November 28, 2022modified to

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07:38, November 28, 2022

The arrival of winter leads to the return of its share of diseases. Among them, gastroenteritis, which is making a comeback in infants in particular. From now on, the vaccine will be covered by Social Security from this Monday, after the favorable opinion of the health authorities.

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It’s the return of gastroenteritis season. For parents, the arrival of winter is synonymous with vigilance. And soon, they could use a boost. Indeed, Social Security will reimburse the vaccine from this Monday. A saving of around one hundred euros.

Valuable protection, according to Fabienne Kochert, member of the French pediatric society. “I’ve been offering this vaccine for years,” she told Europe 1 about preventive treatment. “I haven’t had any babies hospitalized with infant gastroenteritis.”

No severe form of the disease

The pediatrician says: “The parents come back saying ‘You were right to recommend this vaccine to us because at the crèche, there was an epidemic of gastroenteritis. There were lots of infants who were very sick, who had to go to the emergency room. There are even some who were hospitalized. And us, our baby, he just had a few dirty liquids, ”she adds. “We replace the first encounter with the virus with an immunity which is consecutive to the administration of the vaccine. Suddenly, when the child has been exposed to the virus, he already has immunity and he does not have a severe form of the disease. .”

This vaccine against gastroenteritis could therefore relieve our health system which foresees a new wave of covids.

Source: Europe1

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