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why don’t seniors want the second vaccine booster?

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Geoffrey Branger, edited by Alexandre Dalifard
06:14, November 29, 2022

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While the figures are on the rise again with nearly 50,000 covid contaminations per day, the second vaccine recall campaign is stalling among seniors. Only 36% of those over 60 have a complete vaccination course and barely 42% of those over 80. A worrying situation as the ninth wave arrives.

Since the beginning of autumn, the figures have started to rise again with nearly 50,000 covid contaminations per day. Infectiologists say it, the ninth wave is coming. A worrying situation when only 36% of people over 60 have a complete vaccination course and barely 42% of people over 80, according to figures from Public Health France. The second vaccine recall campaign stalled.

A divisive campaign

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“I didn’t know that a fourth dose was needed, I did all three without any problem obviously”. Like Madelaine, 72, many seniors are unaware that a new vaccination campaign is underway. And even when they know it, they are not necessarily interested. Bruno, 67, doesn’t see the point of getting stung again. “I’m not vulnerable, I did the first three doses, I never had covid and I’m careful,” he says.

Others, like 68-year-old Joseph, do not want to be vaccinated. “I had some side effects with the first vaccines, it lasted between 24 and 48 hours. I’m a little reluctant, but if we have to do it, we’ll do it,” he says. Vaccines against covid also suffer from their shortcomings. As 82-year-old Ghislaine explains, they do not prevent you from contacting it or transmitting it. “The vaccine does not work very well but well, maybe I will do it but for the moment no I am not decided, I do not have confidence at all”, she affirms.

As a reminder, the recommended time between two injections is three months for those over 80 and six months for those over 60.

Source: Europe1

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