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Three tips for peacefully practicing sports as a couple

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What if playing sports with your spouse was the best idea to motivate yourself and achieve your goals? For couples, the question arises, as it is sometimes difficult to find the motivation to practice regular physical activity alone. In the show Well done for youthe sports columnist of the show Akim Mzakar delivers three tips for doing sports as a couple, without creating tension.

Have the same goals

Difference in levels, overly competitive minds that collide… Exercising as a couple can often create conflict. Quite the opposite of the initial objective of lovers, underlines Akim Mzakar. “You really have to be on the same wavelength and be driven by the same goals. Because, if in the couple, there is a person who, for example, has disproportionate goals or the opposite of his or her partner , it can create a feeling of rivalry. Or a person can feel aggrieved.”

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“So finally, the person who is a little behind will be silent for a certain number of lessons, until they reach a point of no return and say: ‘I’m fed up,’ notes the sports coach.

Discuss your desires

Because to create a cohesion of couple during a physical activity, it is necessary to know the needs of the other, notes Akim Mzakar. “Before going to attack any session, you really have to discuss each other’s reasons for doing sports together. Sometimes it’s sporty, sometimes it’s just an excuse to be together,” he explains. -he at the microphone of Europe 1. On the other hand, “as soon as you have to prepare something, like a marathon, there you change dimension and you abandon the activity in duo to enter something more personal. So be careful “, adds the columnist of Well done for you.

Prioritize duo sports

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If practicing sport as a couple often aims to maintain a certain motivation and try to exceed one’s limits, running, dancing or swimming together can have another objective: to rediscover the other in a new light, promises Akim Mzakar. “Children, shopping, cleaning, work, homework… Routine can quickly create a bad dynamic. But by embarking on activities such as aquabiking, fitness, we rediscover the other under a new day!”, assures the coach.

Fun fact, certain activities, such as boxing, can also reduce tensions within the couple, underlines the sports columnist. “What I usually do is allow one of the two to be able to touch the other, without hurting them. And the other is not allowed to respond. to solve the problems and in the end, you feel much better”, he concludes.

Source: Europe1

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