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Jean-Paul Hamon shares his “very big disappointment” after the president’s wishes

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Céline Géraud, edited by Juliette Moreau Alvarez
7:52 p.m., January 06, 2023modified to

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7:52 p.m., January 06, 2023

On Friday, Emmanuel Macron presented his wishes to the actors of Health in Essonne. The Head of State wanted a set of measures for doctors and patients, including better care. For Jean-Paul Hamon, “the president has not taken the measure of the extent of the disaster”.

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The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron presented his wishes to health actors this Friday. He notably explained that he wanted better remuneration for city doctors and better care for new patients, so that the French could more easily find a doctor on call. On the side of the doctors, the wishes of the head of state rang a little hollow. Jean-Paul Hamon, general practitioner and honorary president of the Federation of Doctors of France, is not really convinced by this plan.

“It is time that we let the caregivers speak”

“It’s a very big disappointment,” begins the doctor. “The president has not taken the measure of the extent of the disaster”, he believes at the microphone of Europe 1. According to him, the French health system, already weakened, is not well understood by Emmanuel Macron. “The health system must march on both the hospital leg and the city leg, with liberals and hospitalists without any administrative staff.”

Jean-Paul Hamon considers that it is necessary to consolidate the relations between these two axes to rebuild the health system. “That we agree on how we should work together because it is important that the hospital communicates with the city and that the city has the means to avoid overloading the hospital”, specifies he. “It’s time for the administration to hand over. It’s time for the caregivers to speak,” asks the doctor on Europe 1.

The doctors, who had already taken to the streets during this first week of January, continued to show their anger and their lack of means. FO, the second hospital public service union, has already called for an indefinite strike from January 10.

Source: Europe1

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