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general practitioners, laboratories and public hospitals continue their mobilization

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There was no miracle cure for the health system, despite the promises of Emmanuel Macron, Friday in front of the caregivers of the Corbeil-Essonnes hospital center. Mobilizations are growing, whether by general practitioners, laboratories or even the public hospital. It’s going to be complicated to get treatment this week. General practitioners continue their mobilization. They demonstrated on Thursday to demand in particular an increase in the price of the consultation to the tune of 50 euros. The Minister of Health, François Braun, has already announced that this will not be the case.

More than 90% of laboratories will be closed all this week

So the practices will be idling this week, as explained by Noëlle Cariclet, spokesperson for the Doctors for Tomorrow collective. “Our strike continues, that is to say that the cabinets will reopen on Monday with limited activity, the permanent care strike continues. We are going to carry out crescendo actions, week by week, which will come to accumulate for continue to put pressure on these conventional negotiations and try to awaken the State to the real problems on the ground of the health system.

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Similarly, more than 90% of laboratories will be closed all week. The State asks them to save 1.3 billion euros in three years. An amount deemed excessive which could lead to the closure of at least 400 establishments, particularly in medical deserts and the loss of 10,000 jobs. And then from Tuesday, it is the public hospital which launches its movement. The Head of State’s announcements did not convince. According to the unions, the nursing staff is too few. They demand 200,000 recruitments.

“We have a peri-infant mortality which is catastrophic”

Invited this Sunday morning at the microphone of Europe 1, Patrick Pelloux, president of the Association of emergency physicians of France, draws up an edifying observation of our health system. “We have a peri-infant mortality which is catastrophic, we are at the level of certain developing countries because we have closed too many maternity wards. There, we know that we had an excess mortality of 10,000 this summer. So the ministry took shelter behind the heat wave, not to say that it was the problem of access to care. There, you have an excess mortality with the flu and the Covid”, he explains.

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Before adding: “I was on call last night: you have no room in the cardiology unit, the intensive care units are full. Tonight, we have no doctor to go and do the death certificates. So for the moment, people keep the corpses at home and it is not known if this afternoon, a doctor will be found to go to the house.”

The government must now quickly find solutions to avoid a general immobilization of health services.

Source: Europe1

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