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the Cov-Grip, this antigenic test which makes it possible to test both Covid-19 and the flu

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Nina Droff
11:16 a.m., January 11, 2023modified to

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11:16 a.m., January 11, 2023

While Covid-19 and the flu are raging this winter, a new test has arrived in pharmacies. It can detect with a single nasal swab if you have contracted the flu or coronavirus. Europe 1 went to a pharmacy which sells these tests.

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Covid-19 contaminations have been falling steadily for a month. However, the French are indeed sick and what worries them are these symptoms similar to Covid-19 but which sometimes correspond to the flu. How to tell the difference between the two pathologies? The Cov-Grip test offers dual screening for both Covid-19 and influenza using a single nasal swab. Some pharmacies are already marketing the Cov-Grip.

In his hands, Mamadou, a pharmacy technician, holds a swab and a test tube, identical to those of nasopharyngeal antigen tests. Only the small ruler that allows you to read the results changes. “In the part on the left, it is the Covid, and the part on the right makes it possible to detect influenza A and influenza B”, he explains to Europe 1. “If you simply have the Covid, there will have a control test and the letter “T” will be displayed too. If you have influenza A, the control test will be mandatory and will be displayed first.”

Confusing Symptoms

In just 15 minutes, the patient can know if he has Covid, the flu or both. A valuable tool in this period of double epidemic. “The symptoms are similar, headache, runny nose, sore throat, so it’s really interesting to know if it’s one or the other,” adds Mamadou.

Practicality and speed of results that have won over patients like Brenda and Quentin. “It can help to know more quickly what it is and to be better taken care of”, confides the first. “It’s always good to be able to kill two birds with one stone and avoid a diagnostic appointment with the doctor, which is often more reliable but takes longer to obtain,” says Quentin. These tests can be carried out directly at the pharmacy or at the doctor’s office.

Source: Europe1

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