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the solution proposed by the president of SOS Médecins

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They are angry. The general practitioners demonstrated at the beginning of the year to obtain in particular an increase in the price of the consultation. Many say they are overwhelmed by the amount of work, while according to Jean-Christophe Masseron, president of SOS Médecins, there are 40,000 general practitioners missing to ensure good health coverage in France. guest of France moves Thursday, he offers a solution to help these health professionals.

“We are at a time when doctors cannot do everything, so we have to study collaborative solutions with other professionals, such as paramedics”, he says at the microphone of Elisabeth Assayag.

For daily consultations

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The president of SOS Médecins is thinking of collaborating with the nurses. “Of course, it has to be under the doctor’s responsibility, and we have to stay in control of the system. But we can’t do everything alone, there is certainly a part of our actions that can be delegated under certain conditions. “, he details on Europe 1.

If Jean-Christophe Masseron prefers to avoid a possible collaboration on the management of cases of influenza, which can turn into meningitis, he evokes another example of consultation. “When a child has a runny nose and he doesn’t have a fever, we don’t necessarily have to show him to a doctor right away,” he says, calling on parents to learn to manage these little hassles and not necessarily contact a doctor. “We can imagine professionals who serve as the first rampart”, continues the president of SOS Médecins.

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To free up more time for general practitioners, Jean-Christophe Masseron also wants them to be encouraged to “hire administrators, secretaries, medical assistants… We can free up doctor’s time to treat only, and not not be stuck doing administrative papers. That’s what we call our wishes”.

Source: Europe1

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