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this big project that could be postponed because of his health problems

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Solene Delinger
3:00 p.m., January 14, 2023

According to information from “Closer” magazine, the release of the film “Love Again”, in which Celine Dion plays alongside Priyanka Chopra, could be postponed due to the diva’s health concerns. The production would prefer to wait until the singer is restored so that she participates in interviews and previews of this romantic comedy.

Celine Dion is going through a difficult period. On December 8, the Quebec diva announced to her fans that she could not go back on stage for the moment because of a rare neurological disorder causing her to suffer unbearable muscle spasms.

Celine Dion has Staff Person Syndrome

“As you know, I’ve always been an open book, but until now I wasn’t ready to talk about what I’ve been through. I’ve had health issues for a long time, and that is not easy for me to face it”, explained Celine Dion in a video shared on her Instagram account. “Recently I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called Stiff Person Syndrome, which affects approximately 1 in 1 million people. We don’t yet know everything about this rare disease but we now know that it is the cause of muscle spasms from which I suffer”, she confided.

The release of the film love again could be postponed

As Celine Dion regains her strength at home in Las Vegas, surrounded by her children, the magazine Closer has just assured that one of his new projects could be jeopardized because of his health concerns. According to information from the magazine, the release of the film love again, in which the star stars alongside Priyanka Chopra, will be postponed. “The singer would indeed not be able to appear in public, and therefore, to promote the film”, underline our colleagues.

The production of the film would like Celine Dion to participate in interviews and previews of Love Again, even if it means making the spectators wait a little longer than expected. It remains to be seen whether the diva will be back in shape from 2023…

Source: Europe1

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