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a charter to restore “shaken trust” with patients

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Céline Géraud, edited by Yanis Darras
07:21, January 28, 2023modified to

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07:21, January 28, 2023

Faced with the increase in the number of cases of gynecological violence, practitioners are presenting this weekend a new charter to restore the bond of trust with patients. Among the proposed solutions: no longer systematically practice the pelvic examination, often badly experienced by many women.

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It is a congress that will certainly be observed by the women of France, which opens this weekend in Lille. The annual congress of gynecologists and obstetricians opens against a backdrop of accusations of violence against certain practitioners. So the profession decided to react by presenting a care charter with new recommendations. Among the latter, the pelvic examination, often badly experienced by patients, will no longer be systematically performed.

A broken relationship of trust

An important decision for professionals who will travel to the north of the country. “We felt that there was a relationship of trust that had been shaken between women and health professionals”, underlines at the microphone of Europe 1 Isabelle Heron, president of the national federation of colleges of medical gynecology.

“So what is said in this new charter is above all that the pelvic examination, which includes the placement of the speculum and the vaginal examination, is not systematic when there is no symptomatology”, continues -she. But the president of the national federation of colleges of medical gynecology recalls that “we must not reduce gynecological conciliation to the pelvic examination”, and encourages her colleagues to insist “on consent, benevolence and know-how”, during examinations with patients.

Source: Europe1

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