end of restriction measures from February 1

Yasmina Kattou, edited by Alexandre Dalifard
06:21, January 31, 2023

Faced with the drop in cases of Covid-19 contamination, less than 5,000 on average per day, the Ministry of Health has decided to end the restrictive measures put in place for two years to limit the spread of the virus. From February 1, the government will therefore put an end to the “test, trace, isolate” strategy.

Since the start of the health crisis in 2020, the French government has implemented restriction measures to limit the spread of the virus. From February 1, these anti-Covid measures, which had been in force for two years, will be abandoned. A decision taken by the Ministry of Health with a view to reducing cases of contamination which drop below the 5,000 mark on average per day.

End of the “test, trace, isolate” strategy

This is the end of the “test, trace, isolate” strategy. Isolation for five days after a positive test will no longer be required and positive people will no longer receive the famous message from health insurance to be informed of the good behavior to adopt to avoid spreading the virus. The new measures also concern contact cases who will no longer have the obligation to be tested two days after meeting the infected person. It is also the end of the health insurance “Contact Covid” file. Until then, it made it possible to identify positive cases and their contact cases. He will therefore no longer be obliged to declare them.

But authorities rely on everyone’s responsibility to warn anyone seen 48 hours before falling ill. Finally, while one could obtain sick leave in a few clicks on the Ameli site after having tested positive, it will now be necessary to go through a consultation with the doctor to be arrested.

Source: Europe1

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