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How to wear good shoes to have healthy feet?

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Taking care of your health also means healing your feet, because hip or back pain can actually be due to poor plantar care. And to remedy this, the reflexologist Patricia Le Vaillant underlines, in “Bienfait pour vous”, the importance of choosing the right shoes.

To have good health, it is important, even essential, to take good care of your feet, because they influence the posture of the rest of the body. In Well done for youMuriel Montenvert, podiatrist and general secretary of the French Foot Health Union, and Patricia Le Vaillant, reflexologist, talk about the importance of good footwear.

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First, the height of the heel of our shoes has an effect on our posture and it requires attention. “For men, we say between 1.5 and 2 cm. And for women, between 2 and 3 cm,” says reflexologist Patricia Le Vaillant. For women, it is therefore necessary to skimp on the pumps with heels of eight centimeters for example, as beautiful as they are. In addition, the ideal is to alternate between the different shapes and heights.

“The problem is wearing sneakers every day”

The reflexologist points in particular to sneakers, which should be avoided every day. “The problem isn’t the sneakers themselves. It’s the fact of wearing them every day, which causes the foot to spread out,” she explains. “He will be less well positioned. When we want to put on more closed, more correct shoes, we will create pain. And then we will also modify his postural and proprioceptive work, that is to say that we sags.”

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It is therefore preferable to vary the shoes, but your feet are also entitled to a little respite, especially at home where it is advisable to walk barefoot and let your arch of the foot hug the ground. It also works if you’re walking on sand, at the beach, or in safe places. And it can also be in the garden if you like that”, as Patricia Le Vaillant reminds us.

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