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Doctors gave advice on how to reduce the risk of falling and injury

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The procession is one of the most important skills, without which it is impossible to imagine a full-fledged human life. Falls while walking can happen to anyone, especially young children, but only as we get older do we become especially afraid of falls. This is because at an older age, even a minor injury can lead to serious consequences. Regular physical activity, competent arrangement of home space and health supportcan help avoid them.

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Falls can happen by accident or because of an underlying medical condition, so it’s important to be safe. The publication Familydoctor.org told how to reduce the risk of injury.

Doctors note that, in addition to age, Your mobility can be affected by arthritis, cataracts, hip problems, and Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis. To make your life easier and prevent injury, try follow the following guidelines:

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Be physically active throughout your life – it will strengthen your body, muscles and joints. At an older age, exercises should be aimed at training balance and resistance.

Arrange home accommodation. Your house or apartment should be comfortable and safe. Provide quality lighting at home; fix carpets securely; hide electrical wires in high traffic areas; install railings in the bathroom and on the stairs; Place your essentials in convenient places. These simple things will allow you to move safely and eliminate the need to reach far or use a stepladder.

Watch your health. Get your eyes checked regularly and treated for arthritis or diabetes if it affects your feet, as chronic conditions can affect how you walk and increase your risk of falling. Also, don’t overindulge in alcohol and remember that some medications can interfere with coordination and cause dizziness.

Use aids. Always wear comfortable shoes that make you feel confident. Also, if your doctor recommends, use a walking cane or walker to help you avoid falling.

Consider weather conditions. If you need to go outside on ice, take care of clearing the road and using anti-slip materials in advance.

Of course, no one is safe from falling, but you can try to minimize their risk and consequences. Proper organization of living space and following simple rules can help prevent falls and avoid injury.

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