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Anxiety raises risk of heart disease and diabetes in men: Study

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The frantic pace of modern life, chronic fatigue syndrome, instability, daily problems or unhealthy relationships have become familiar to most people today. Numerous factors influence us from the outside and lead to constant experiences. Living life in such a rhythm, we do not think about the possible risks to our health. In the same time Excessive anxiety in middle-aged men can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease or diabetes over the years.

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Worry can be helpful and lead to constructive action, but it can also be uncontrollable and interfere with daily functioning. The WebMd publication shared the results of the latest research indicating a link between anxiety and the development of serious diseases.

The experiment, led by Ph.D. Levina Li, analyzed data from 1,561 healthy men who did not have heart problems or diabetes and revealed different levels of anxiety. Over the years, more risk factors for cardiometabolic diseases were noted in those who had excessive anxiety. According to scientists, this may be due to the fact that anxiety is associated with unhealthy biological processescausing heart disease and diabetes

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Unfortunately, people do not often think about the long-term negative factors for their own health, although it is necessary to monitor categories such as weight or blood pressure already at a young age. In addition, the experiments carried out show that Supporting psychological well-being is a potential deterrent to the development of heart disease.

Since 95% of the participants in the experiment were men, further analysis of the effect of anxiety on the work of the heart of other categories of people is needed in the future.

Of course, each person experiences some anxiety for their life or loved ones, but if you think that you are under constant and severe stress, it is worth discussing this with your doctor or considering working with a psychotherapist – this can help protect you from serious diseases in the elderly. age.

Earlier, GLOBAL HAPPENINGS talked about the psychological consequences of climate change. Doctors say that environmental changes lead to anxiety, depression, anxiety, feelings of helplessness and loss of control.

Source: Obozrevatel

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