40 years ago, French scientists discovered the AIDS virus

On May 20, 1983, 40 years ago to the day, the AIDS virus was isolated for the first time by a French team from the Institut Pasteur in Paris. A discovery that marked the first step in the fight against an epidemic causing the death of more than 40 million people. But today, where is the research?

40 years ago, the discovery of the AIDS virus by a Parisian team from the Institut Pasteur marked the first stage in the fight against an epidemic that was to kill more than 40 million people. In France, more than 170,000 people are infected with the HIV virus. The treatments arrived much later and have evolved a lot.

Still no vaccine, but a treatment

But at present, there is still no preventive vaccine against the AIDS virus. However, many laboratories have tried to develop a serum. But the constantly mutating virus could render a vaccine ineffective fairly quickly. A French start-up launched trials and patients showed a good immune response. Tests must now be carried out on people at risk of infection. The results will be known within two to three years.

No vaccine, but a treatment. Nowadays, HIV is a chronic pathology, for which there is no cure, but with which patients live normally thanks to the taking of a single pill a day. 26 years ago, the first triple therapy consisted of taking no less than 20 tablets daily.

In 2023, the condom remains the best way to avoid AIDS. If you have more questions, contact Sida Info Service by dialing 0 800 840 800. You can also consult the website www.sidainfoplus.fr.

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