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Health: Proper hydration helps beat insomnia

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(ANSA) – MILAN, NOV 15 – Proper hydration helps fight insomnia. In fact, water is one of the elements best able to reduce anxiety, stress and consequently sleep disturbances.

To demonstrate this strong link is the study “Short sleep duration is associated with inadequate hydration”, published in the journal “Sleep”, which argues that those who drink too little have a poor quality of sleep. The study was carried out in the US and China taking into account 9,559 and 11,903 citizens, who were interviewed about their hydration and rest habits. In addition, urinalysis of the participants was conducted based on two parameters: density and ionic composition (dissolved salts).

“What emerges from the study is that the high values ​​of urinary density (greater than 1020 g / ml) and saline content (greater than 831mOsm / kg) give evidence of poor hydration and lead to a consequent reduction in the duration of sleep. about two hours. The cause of this reaction – underlines Umberto Solimene, of the University of Milan and expert of the Sanpellegrino Observatory – is the modification in the release of the antidiuretic hormone (vasopressin) with interference of the circadian rhythms (awakening). we are dehydrated, our body tries to defend itself by producing vasopressin in order not to lose fluids, but influencing early awakening. ” Therefore, proper hydration is an important element for sleeping well. “It is important to remember – continues Professor Solimene – that water is one of the fundamental elements for good digestion, another of the fundamental aspects for sleeping well. In particular, bicarbonate-sulphate mineral waters, thanks to the presence of these two salts minerals, stimulate the activity of the liver and pancreas, reducing gastric acidity and favoring the action of digestive enzymes. Mineral water also contains other trace elements useful for maintaining the regular wake-sleep cycle, such as magnesium and potassium , a lack of which can lead to suffering from insomnia and irritability. Furthermore, the level of hydration also affects the occurrence of headaches and migraines: drinking little favors these pains which in turn affect the quality and quantity of hours of sleep “. (HANDLE).


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Source From: Ansa

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