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    WHO, progress against HIV but the resistance worries

    (ANSA) – ROME, NOVEMBER 25 – The situation of the fight against HIV in the world is improving, with an increasing number of patients in therapy and with ever higher rates of infection control; however, the phenomenon of drug resistance is of concern. This is the picture that the “Hiv Drug Resistance” report published by the World Health Organization draws.

    As of December 2020, 27.5 million people with HIV worldwide were being treated with antiretroviral therapy, the availability of which, according to the WHO report, “has increased at an unprecedented rate in the past decade”. Despite this, around 30% of the 37.7 million people who have contracted the infection are still not properly treated. In addition to access to drugs, the number of countries in which patients are able to obtain good control of the infection is also growing: out of a sample of 45 countries among those with the highest prevalence of HIV monitored by the WHO, today the 80% manage to achieve sufficient levels of viral load suppression; only 4 years ago 33% succeeded. “Achieving high levels of viral load suppression in populations taking antiretroviral therapy prevents HIV transmission, associated morbidity and mortality, and prevents the onset of HIV drug resistance,” the report reads.

    On the other hand, the situation is worsening as regards drug resistance. The number of countries in which the guard threshold of 10% has been exceeded is growing, of patients who no longer respond to traditional first-line drugs (non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors) and who should immediately switch to the use of WHO other medicinal products with reduced susceptibility to resistance. (HANDLE).


    Source From: Ansa


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