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massive screening and vaccination operation on the Airbus site

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The Delta variant of the coronavirus, which is particularly contagious, is worrying. It should represent 90% of new cases of Covid-19 in the European Union by the end of August, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) estimated on Wednesday. In France, it now represents “between 9 and 10%” of new positive cases, up sharply compared to last week. While a case was discovered within Airbus a few weeks ago, a vast screening and vaccination operation was organized. The ARS and the management of the Airbus Defense & Space site in Toulouse therefore offer the 6,000 employees and subcontractors who attend it an antigen test. With the aim of measuring the presence of the variant in the company.

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“Tilt your head a little. May I make your nostril straight sir?” François came on his lunch break. Once the test is done, he just has to wait about fifteen minutes to get the results. “The ARS encourages us to do this to perfect their model for analyzing the spread of the Delta variant. So I’m doing it because it also lets me know if I’m positive, knowing that I was vaccinated a long time ago. week, ”he explains.

“Our protocols are bearing fruit”

It is precisely because a case of the Delta variant was identified a few days ago in an employee on a sample dating from May, that the ARS set up this large-scale screening on a voluntary basis. . Those who wish can even then be vaccinated in the parking lot.

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For Pierre Barouillet, the site director, this operation also makes it possible to assess the company’s health protocols. “Our goal was to have as much screening as possible to help ARS understand how this variant can be transmitted. And then it proves to our employees that the establishment is ‘safe’ because we had one case but not one. “explosion. It shows that their behavior and the protocols in place are bearing fruit,” he said.

For the time being, out of more than 500 samples taken from the 6,000 site employees, no positive case has been detected.

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