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Magrini (Aifa): “The Covid vaccine could be as annual as for the flu”

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“For further booster doses” of the anti-Covid vaccination “we will take into consideration all the scientific evidence with respect to the decline of immunity, on which various studies are underway. The theoretical model may be that of the influenza vaccination with annual boosters “. Thus the Aifa general manager, Nicola Magrini, at the hearing in the Senate Health Committee. Referring therefore to vaccination between 5 and 11 years, “the most fragile children must be given priority, but vaccination – he specified – is intended for the whole range”.

Covid and children – “While Covid infection has a more benign course among children – said Magrini -, in some cases it can develop serious short- and long-term consequences, for example the multisystem syndrome which can lead to intensive hospitalization. The vaccine pivotal study shows the vaccine’s high level of efficacy and there are other benefits as well, such as being able to attend school. On the basis of this, the Cts Aifa commission approved the vaccine for this range in the exclusive use of the pediatric formulation “.

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“E’ It is premature to make a decision about the booster dose for the over 12 age group, also because we expect to be in a better phase of the pandemic in the coming months “.

The topic of rare myocarditis – The phenomenon of myocarditis is being watched by Ema, which has released the data for the over 12s and indicates a very rare risk of myocarditis for mRna vaccines in the order of one every 20 thousand subjects approximately. “Thus the Aifa general director, Nicola Magrini, in hearing in the Health Committee of the Senate.

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“The evaluation of reactions to Covid vaccines takes place from an exchange of information on a global level. At the time of Ema and Aifa’s approval” of the vaccine for children between 5 and 11 years, “3.5 million had already been vaccinated in the US of children without warning signs during this period, and Israel’s data was also taken into account.

For adverse events of myocarditis in the over 12 age group, there is a “slight, higher incidence for the Moderna vaccine compared to the Pfizer one, but we are talking about an incidence of 0.6 per 100 thousand compared to about 1 per 100 thousand, so these are insufficient numbers. for a differential choice between the two vaccines for this range “, said the Aifa general manager.

The Omicron variant – “We will try to understand if its greater diffusivity will generate a more or less severe variant of the previous one, because there are also signs that it may be less severe than Delta”, added Magrini. With respect to the effectiveness of current therapeutic weapons against the omicron variant, he continued, “the first reports are excellent and concerned a Gsk monoclonal that passed the ‘omicron test’ and the Pfizer dosage data is also very reassuring: we await further confirmation. , and yesterday the WHO expressed itself on the fact that omicron seems controllable with current instruments “.

Other treatments – “In-depth studies are underway – concludes Magrini – for the use of monoclonal antibodies in prophylaxis, for use in patients who have not had an adequate response to vaccination such as oncohaematological patients. As for oral antiviral drugs, they will be available from the end of January and the evaluation studies are ongoing “.


Source From: Ansa

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