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“Above all, we must not believe that the Covid epidemic is over”

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Coming from India, the Delta variant of Covid-19 is worrying around the world. In France, it represents 10% of contaminations. But “most likely”, warns epidemiologist Dominique Costagliola on Europe 1 on Sunday, is that it becomes the majority. “This is what is already being observed in certain territories such as the Landes”, points out the specialist, while the Delta variant is responsible for 70% of the new cases detected there. “It is therefore important not to believe that the epidemic is over.”

The vaccine remains effective

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The virulence of this variant has not yet been determined exactly. “It is possible that it is more virulent”, in addition to being more contagious, warns Dominique Costagliola. But there is good news. In the United Kingdom, where this variant circulates more than in France, “there is an increase in the number of cases greater than that of the number of people hospitalized. Because there is already a large proportion of adults who are vaccinated. “. Proof that the vaccine remains one of the bulwarks against the spread of Covid.

“The data is accumulating to show that there is good efficacy on the risk of severe form, but also on the risk of catching the disease,” recalls the epidemiologist. “The efficiency is not total but very high, including in the case of a variant.” Dominique Costagliola therefore recommends “to facilitate the vaccination as much as possible”, for example by allowing people “to start the vaccination and allow them to make the second injection at their place of vacation”. In fact, some French “hesitate because they do not know how they will be able to organize themselves with the holidays”, assures the specialist.

“The time between symptoms and the test has lengthened”

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It is also important, according to her, “to support people for whom it is more difficult to find an appointment”, especially if they have difficulty using the Internet.

Finally, Dominique Costagliola recalls that screening is essential to “contain the chains of transmission”. Today, “the time between symptoms and the test has lengthened, it is a bad signal. You really have to test yourself as soon as you have a suspicion of having been infected or having symptoms.” Finally, wearing a mask and ventilating “when you are inside” remain barrier gestures to be observed at all times.

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