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Pediatricians, long Covid can have effects for years to come

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(ANSA) – ROME, DEC 15 – The threat of long Covid and its long-term consequences among the very young “could have effects on the years to come”. If the data on the load imposed by the Sars-CoV-2 on the pediatric population are still limited, given the high rate of paucisymptomatic or asymptomatic cases, it is now certain that one of the most widespread fake is that “children do not get sick with Covid “and that” for them the virus does not represent a danger “. To underline this, on the basis of the cases examined in almost two years, are the experts of the Gemelli Irccs Polyclinic Foundation.

“Since March 2020 – recalls Chiaretti, Head of the Pediatric Emergency Department – we have evaluated over 160 children with pediatric Covid and 32 of these required hospitalization”. “So far – recalls Danilo Buonsenso, of the Gemelli Pediatrics UOC – we have treated more than thirty children with moderate-severe forms of Covid, of which 8 with systemic multi-inflammatory syndrome. In collaboration with our neonatologists, we are following about 200 newborns from positive mothers. While at the pediatric Post-Covid Outpatient Clinic we are also following 150 children, 55 of whom with long Covid symptoms, also arrived from outside the Region “.

Even among children, therefore, symptomatic cases could be just the tip of the iceberg of what Sars CoV-2 has in store for the months and perhaps for the years after the infection. A study conducted by the Gemelli pediatricians and published last April in Acta Paediatrica, involved 129 boys and children (average age 11 years) with a diagnosis of Covid, carried out between March and November 2020: more than half had at least one chronic persistent symptom at two months after the infection, even among those who had had an asymptomatic form. “This study – concludes Piero Valentini, head of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Unit of Gemelli – turns the spotlight on a population underestimated during the pandemic and which should lead to profound reflection, also regarding the decision to vaccinate small and very small children”. (HANDLE).


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Source From: Ansa

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